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About Bespoke Marketing

Recognizing the need for professional and effective advertising in Kentucky Bespoke Marketing LLC has made it their mission to integrate the latest in technology, optimization and custom campaigns to make sure small businesses stand out. We believe that you should have a tailored approach to marketing instead of a one size fits all approach. After all, your business is unique, just like you.

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Tanya Cookemaster


Tanya Cookenmaster is a seasoned video editor with a notable track record. She has contributed to projects like "Governors Get It Done: The National Governors Association" in 2018, and won the Emmy Award for her documentary “Sense of Security” in 2016. Tanya Cookenmaster stands out as an accomplished professional in the field of video editing and graphics.


Tanya Cookenmaster

Drew Cookenmaster

Drew Cookenmaster created

Bespoke Marketing LLC as a response to the need for quality marketing solutions in his home town. Having worked in a variety of sales positions often with small businesses and churches, he is well experienced in what it takes for you and your product to stand out.

Drew Is intimately involved with the local communities. He is a member of 4 chambers of commerce and is a Director with the Radcliff Small Business Alliance. He is a major Corporate Sponsor of the Kentucky Real-Estate Investor Association, a proud member of Rotary International and on the Board of Directors of Redwood Financial, a not for profit organization that is teaching children practical ways of wise financial investments while in school.

Drew Cookenmaster
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